TankMania Hellhounds – english


germanwarfare.challonge.com/tm_hellhounds  Register here: click


1.1: Participation
1.1.1: Every player with an AW account can take part.
1.1.2: Every team consits of atleast 15, but a maximum of 18 Players. Players don’t have to belong to the same clan.
1.1.3: a contact person must be on the AW-community-TS at all times to coordinate the games better.
1.1.4: the contact person must wear the clantag!
1.2: Rules of the game
1.2.1: 15 vs. 15
1.2.2: max. tier 7 max 2 artilleries max 2 non artillerie tier 6 vehicles
1.3: 10 minute time limit per round.
1.4: no breaks between rounds (picking time!)
1.5: Picking: The teams decide between themselves if they want to pick in order (1/2/2/2/2…), or „just pick“ everything. When picking in oder the pick must be announced in chat and mustn’t be changed after that. (Players need not ready up after picking.)
1.6:Fair play!!!! Every misconduct may be punished by disqualification of the player or team. Misconduct is:
1.6.1: spamming
1.6.2: flaming or insulting
1.6.3: exploiting
1.7: Referees. my.com provides the peacekeepers as referees. The decisions of referees are unrevocable. The referees may however delay decisions to review replays.
1.8: Replays are compulsory! Every player MUST activate the replay function and provide the replay uppon request. Refusing to provide the replays is an breach of the rules and will have negative consequences.
1.9: EU server – we play in Europe!
2: Maps:
2.1: River Point
2.2: Narrows
2.3: Pipelines
2.4: Port Storm
2.5: Ghost Field
3: Matches
3.1: it is played in double Elimination
3.1.1: Every Match in the normal / winner bracket will be played best of 3. The Team, that wins 2 matches first, wins the round!

3.1.2: Every Match in the loser bracket will be played best of 1. If the Match ends draw, both teams leave the tournament!

3.2: Maps are given per round.
3.3: Round time is 10 Minutes.
3.4: Spawnpoints: The „home team“ (the upper team in the bracket) may chose the first side.
3.5:The „guest team“ may chose the side in the third game.
3.6 The winner of the Match must upload the result screenshots after the match
3.9: Screenshots can now be uploaded to Challonge.com.
3.10: The screenshot from the garage with the team overview, and match setup and all players from both teams bust be uploaded.
If scrolling or tab changes are necessary, multiple screenshots must be uploaded

4.: Preparation / start of the game

4.1: Should a team fail to turn up, the team, that’s reported this 15 minutes after the sheduled start of the round, wins by default!

4.2: The clan, that is assigned as „home team“, has to open the match and make sure the assigned enemy is invited. For this a public game will be created, all Members devided to the Teams and the match set to private.

4.2.1: After the creation of the match it has to stay public until both teams are complete or 5 minutes since the creation of the match have passed.

4.3: The matches will be created as soon as the competition leadership has assigned the time.

4.4: Should a team turn up incomplete and has less than 10 players, the match won’t start. The match will be counted as a default-loss for the team that failed to turn up in necessary numbers in the above mentioned time. A screenshot of this has to be created and the competition leadership should be informed immediately.

4.4.1: With 12 members, but less than 15, the clan leader / war leader in question has to decide to participate or to withdraw. A screenshot is mandatory and both Clan/war leaders should communicate with the competition leadership.

4.5: Should during the match more than 3 players of one team at the same time or 4 players of both teams get disconnected and aren’t able to reconnect during the preparation time, the match room will be restarted (max. 2 repeats, should a 3rd Room still show the same bug the competition leadershit has to be informed and the teams have to wait for instuctions).

4.6: For restarted Matches the preparation time is 2 minutes. For repeating disconnects the competition leadership has to be informed. Screenshots to document the disconnected Players should be presented from both clan/war leaders.

4.7 Should players get disconnected after the match started (official start) the match will continue and won’t be paused or restart. The match will be played normally and counts full. Players can rejoin in the lobby!

5.: Behavior and protests during the match

5.1: Offenses

5.1.1: The etiquette that’s valid for AW random, chat and forum is still valid. Offenses of any kind are to be omitted.

5.1.2: Should players of a team in the open chat (visible to both sides) write insults, offsensive or messages that could be interpreted as such, the clan/war leader should take a screenshot. The offended team is advised to neither reply nor comment these. Don’t let yourself get provoked.

5.1.3: Offenses of a Player results immediately in the disqualification of the player, the match can be counted as default loss for his team. The referee has to decide this!

5.2: Exploits and Cheats

5.2.1: The use of exploits, bugs or possibly cheats is forbidden. The competition leadership will prior to the tournament specify possible exploits, bugs or cheats, whom to result in immediate disqualification. (As of now there are no cheats known)

5.2.2: For exploit, bug or cheat usage, usually the whole team gets disqualified. The match will be counted regardless of the outcome as default loss for the whole team. The match will continue regardless of any violations.

5.3: Protest

5.3.1: Any violation (exploit or offense) will be documented by screenshot from the clan / war leader documented and afterward reported to the competition leadership. They decide according to severity or recurrence the penalty.

5.3.2: All protests about the match have to be made after the match.

5.3.3: The screenshots according to the rules after the game still have to be provided.

5.3.4: Protests have to reported to the competition leadership solely by the clan / war leader.

5.3.4: Screenshots have to be uploaded before (german-warfare.de/screenshots/) and made accessible unquestioned of the competition leadership.

5.3.4: Just a short description, no extensive story!

5.3.5: The inculpated clan will be represented by their leader and can give their opinion. Should the clan / war leader not be able to attend or not being able to give a justification in form of screenshots that prove otherwise, the competition leadership will decide the penalty.

6.: Preparation of the competition

6.1: Register your team on the website: http://germanwarfare.challonge.com/tm_hellhounds . Only one Player needs to be registered, who can manage the screenshots and results!

6.2: The competition starts on May the 28th 2016 at 7 pm.

6.3: The teamleaders login on the TS at the last by 6:30 pm ! TS Server: ts.armoredwarfare.eu

6.4: The teamleaders login at the same time on challonge.com!

6.5: Should anyone be absent by 7:30 pm, their spot will be handed over to the clans on the waiting list!

6.5.1: For this reason the clans on the waitinglist are asked to be on the TS (ts.armoredwarfare.eu) too!

6.6: At 18:45 the bracket will be drawn! Everything priot is soely based on the order of registration. The bracket created after 18:45 is the only valid! After this you are permitted to play!

6.7: The bracket draw will be streamed live!

6.8: The matches will be held in training rooms or rather in „custom match“

7.: Streaming

7.1: Streaming is permitted – but please with a time delay of 10 Minutes and with a link to the competition. Furthermore should a TankMania logo be visible in the shream at all times! (top right corner, 25px)

7.2: Official streamer will be present in a couple of matches and report neutrally. (We are looking for streamers! Are you interested? phash@german-warfare.de)

7.3: Own observers are NOT permitted!

7.4: Players are allowed to stream too – however not as observer and with a 10 minute time delay!

8.: Subsequent

8.1: This feauture is still relatively new. There can be Bugs and errors. Please report these to us, so we can forward them to the developers.

8.2: For the replays there will be a place to upload. Please upload everything, so they can be watched again later!

8.3: The competition is organized by the community. The organizer is german-warfare.de. The awards are sponsored by external suppliers (my.com), who have no influence on the competition at all.