TankMania 2016/1

TankMania 2016/1 on 09.01.2016!


  • 12 vs. 12
  • max Tier of Tanks: Tier 5
  • 10 Minutes timelimit
  • The first Match starts on 20:00 CET – Team Leaders check in to challonge.com tournament and join the community TS until 19:30!
  • 5 Minutes break between Matches until the picking starts again.
  • Picking: Teams can either chose to pick 1 by 1 (1/2/2/2/…) or all in one. If one clan wants 1 by 1, this mode wins! Picked tanks may not be changed in this mode! Confirm your pick in chat.
  • Every clan is allowed to set 1 team. Name of the team is equal to the clan name. Every Member of the clan may join in, players can be changed for every match. Multiple clans can play in one team, but every clan can only join one team. Set the clan names in your team description.
  • Fair Play! Every misbehaviour can lead to a ban of the player as well to the players clan or to the lose of the current match. as misbehaviour counts:
    • Spamming TankMania 2016/1
    • Flaming and insulting
    • Exploiting
  • We are playing on the EU Server.
  • Maps:
    • #1 River Point
    • #2 Ghost Field
    • #3 Pipelines
    • #4 Port Storm


we play Single Elimination!

  • „Best of Three“
  • Preset map for every round of the tournament.
  • Time for one game: 10 minutes.
  • Spawn points: The team which is in the upper field of the bracket (home team) may chose their first spawn.
  • Second match: change sides.
  • Spawn for the third game will be chosen by the guest team.
  • If there is a draw after 3 Matches, one game will be played for decision. The team wich wins, wins!
    • Change sides!
  • If it’s a draw, one more round will be played: 1vs1 Tier 1 time limit 7 minutes, Home Team may chose the spawn!
  • The winning team has to submit the results and screenshots in the challonge – bracket. Only the Garage-Team-Tab is needed.
  • Please make further screenshots for protests:

Obligatory Screenshots:

  • Match Setup with all settings and players of both teams.
  • End Screen of every Match.
  • Overview of the Match – Tab „Teams“ of the final overview screen in garage view.

Preparation /Matchstart

  1. If one clan does not show up, the other clan can report a 1:0 default win on challonge.com
  2. The clan in the upper field is the „home team“. It has to open the match lobby and has to take care to invite the opponent.
  3. The game will start on order of the tournament management.
  4. After inviting the enemy team leader, the lobby will be held open until both teams are complete, at a maximum of 5 minutes.
  5. If one team has less than 5 players, the game isn’t allowed to start. This Match will be counted as „default loss“ for this team. The full team has to create a screenshot of the lobby and report to the tournament management.
  6. If one team has more than 5 but less than 10 players, the clan can decide to either play or leave by default loss. Both team leaders have to create a screenshot of this and report to the tournament management.
  7. If 3 or more players of one team or 4 players of both teams are disconnected while the match preparation time, the lobby will be restarted (max. 2 repeats). If this does not solve the problem, please report to the tournament management and wait for further instructions.
  8. Newly started lobbies have to wait 2 Minutes until they start again. Repeating disconnect should be reported instantly to the tournament management. Please create screenshots, to prove this issue.
  9. If players are disconnected after the game officially started (after the preparation time), the game will not stopped or newly started, the game will be played and counted regularly. Players may try to reconnect by restarting their client.

Behaviour and Protests in the game

  1. It is essential for all contestants to hold on to the nettiquette which is also used in official AW forums, random matches and general discussion. Every insulting or swearing may lead to a ban of the player or the team.
  2. If players of a team insult or swear in open chat, the enemy clan leader has to take a screenshot and report to the tournament management. Please play the match regularly.
  3. Please don’t answer to insults! Keep cool and call us!
  4. Use of cheats, bugs or exploits is forbidden! Though this is a beta game, any bug, which may give you an advantage is counted as exploit if used on a regular base. Currently there are no known cheats. For the Map „Reactor“ we declare the area of the A-Line (A2-A6) as unreachable terrain, and going there is an exploit which leads to ban.
  5. Any violations of these rules have to be held on screenshot by clan / war leader and are to be commited to the tournament management. They will decide about the punishment.
  6. Insults and Harrasment may lead to the disqualification of the whole team.
  7. Bug Using, Exploiting and Cheating may lead to the disqualification of the whole team.
  8. Open Matches are to be played to the end. Please file your protest after the match and create screenshots of the evidence.


  1. Any protests have to be placed directly after the match ends.
  2. All normal screenshots, according to the rules, have to be made regardless of the issue.
  3. Protests are made exclusevily by the match or team leader, registered on challonge.com – you can register 2 captains there.
  4. Screenshots have to be uploaded previously – please consider using: http://german-warfare.de/screenshots/
  5. Keep it short! Please don’t write essays as protests.
  6. The team leader of the indicted clan will be heard. The tournament management will decide!

Tournament Preparation

  • The tournament starts on 20:00 CET on  09.Januar 2016
  • The team leaders join the official TS on 19:30! TS Server: ts.armoredwarfare.eu
  • The team leaders check in  to the challonge.com Tournament at the same time!
  • If a clan is missing at 19:30, we will give the slot to a clan on the waiting list
  • For this issue, we ask the clan leaders on the waiting list, to join the TS (ts.armoredwarfare.eu) as well!
  • On 18:45 we will shuffle the bracket and bring the final bracket!
  • We play in Training-Rooms of Armored Warfare!


  • Streaming is permitted! But please with 10 minutes delay and a backlink to: http://german-warfare.de/tankmania20161/, the Logo should be present in the Stream or Video – right upper corner, 25px
  • Some „official Streamer“ may join some games and bring these games to the audience! (If you are a streamer, please contact me: phash@german-warfare.de)
  • Observers of a team are forbidden! Only official streamers are allowed!
  • Players may stream – but not as observers!