Die Forenpost – 01.12.2015

Heut gibts eine kleine Ausgabe der Forenpost – alles wichtige aus dem offiziellen Forum:

Der Merkava kommt (soon?) – in mehreren Ausführungen:


Who else would love to see the Israel erkava tank on Armored Warfare?


There will be one More than one even.


Der HE Nerf ist nur für Tier 9 HE geplant:

Quote Originally Posted by endorphin187 View Post
“ Fixed the issue with too high High Explosive shell damage“

I bet my ass after this fix arty will do again minimal – zero dmg ….

This only affects T9 HE. It does not affect other tiered HE damage. Artillery HE damage will be observed after this hotfix to see if it needs any further adjustment.

Der Begleitpanzer ist unter Beobachtung:

It’s a bit underperforming, but not terribly.

Genauso wie die Arty:

Quote Originally Posted by FurioZZ View Post
Do you know Spunqy that Arty deals idiotic module damage now ? 1 shoot makes all modules yellow? Even splash damage ?

This is mainly an issue with high tier SPGs, but yes we are looking into this and may make some adjustments in the near future if we find things are not performing as expected.

Neue Commander braucht das Land – Silentstalker kündigt welche an:

Yes, there are plans to introduce more commanders.

Außerdem könnt ihr an einer Umfrage zum Thema „Downloadgeschwindigkeit“ teilnehmen, und dort eventuelle Probleme ansprechen!


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