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Spunky meint, die Arty ist zu langsam und soll schneller werden:

QuoteWe are looking to buff arty speeds in a future patch. We think they could use some additional movement speed to help them re-position to better assist their allies. Quote

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Der MBT70 hat, auch laut Spunky, keinen Nerf der unteren Wannenplatte erhalten:

QuoteThere has been no nerf.Quote

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Spunky meint, dass der Challenger 1 einene Feuerpower- und Panzerungsbuff in 0.11 erfahren wird

QuoteIt will be getting a bit of both Quote

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Die Karte Reactor wird gerade überarbeitet um die unfairen Vorteile zu entfernen. Spunky meint, sie geht demnächst auf den PTS

QuoteThis will be addressed in our next patch (0.11) which we are working on finishing right now. Once it is finished it will go on the PTS in the near future.Quote

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Spunky geht auch auf die Leo Bugs ein:


 Originally Posted by Lord_Reaper View Post
QuoteAnd what about the bugged frontal armor of the Leo 2 and Leo 2A5? There are several threads in the forum regarding Leos being underpowered.Quote

QuoteThere were several bugs with the Leo line which have been fixed. The Leo 1A5, 2 and 2AV have all had varying amounts of bugs and buffs applied to them.Quote

 Spunky beantwortet die Fragen:
Originally Posted by MarAndreas View Post
QuoteMaybe it’s just because I’m tired but I’m not sure what you mean:
a) Players will be able to spend gold to buy more Base resources
b) Players will be able to sell their Base resources for gold instead of using them to upgrade the BaseQuote

Antwort von Spunky: wir planen nicht, Ressourcen für die Base für Gold zu verkaufen!

QuoteWe are currently not exploring options for allowing players to purchase (or sell) base resources for gold. Quote

HE Shells machen etwas viel Schaden im PvE:

Originally Posted by NatteFrost View Post
Quotecan you devs stop using mbt when you look at win stats for t7-8 pve hard?
everyone knows mbt is face roll easy in pve no matter what you play and that is the reason for your 80-90% win ratio on hard, but for afv, td, spg and lights, hard is still damn hard due to all the avf shooting 400dmg+ HE shell and effectivly killing us in 2-4 hits.
if you are going to make hard harder, then give all non mbt classes a 50-100% dmg reduction against HE!Quote
Spunky meint, die Shells sind bugged und werden mit 0.11 gefixt

QuoteHE is bugged in .10 which is why it is such an issue for players in PvE. It is essentially dealing about double the amount of damage on average it should be doing. Matchmaking for PvE is also being adjusted (though it is not currently slated for 0.11) to ensure the tank balance is not overly MBT heavy.Quote

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