Die Forenpost – November 2015

In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Forenpost kommt wieder recht häufig unser lieber CM Spunky zu Wort, schauen wir mal, was er uns zu sagen hat:

Kommen noch BugFixPatches vor 0.12? Ja!

Quote Originally Posted by Brazen_NL View Post
Will we get a bug fix patch before new content is added?Quote

There will be more hotfixes before the next patch.

Die Sandsäcke am AMX PAC 90 sind weg? Die sind weg, weil eine Camo-Variante kommt und da musste umgebaut werden(!) Camouflage incoming!

Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Yuma View Post
Since the last update, the knapsacks on the side of the AMX PAC 90 have disappeared.Quote

We removed them for the time being because they interfere with an upcoming camo variant we are working on.

Windows 11 Download Probleme: Alle Updates von Windows installieren!

 Quote Originally Posted by halengar View Post
il try downloading it again for the i think 5th timeQuote

Guys, just make sure you have the latest Windows 10 update. That seems to be the direct issue, not the game itself.

Probleme beim Bezahlen? Bitte kontaktiert euer Finanzinstitut!

If you are having issues with your payment processing you will need to contact your bank and ensure they are not automatically blocking the payment. For any other instances where support is requesting info to confirm a payment, please work with them to provide them the relevant info so they can verify the payment originated from you specifically.

Die Map-Devs sind die größte Gruppe bei AW!

Quote Originally Posted by Ragnar Darkmane View Post
They could help creating new maps instead of more tanks that the game does not need right now. Obviously Obsidian doesn’t allocate enough ressources to map creation compared to pumping out more tanks.Quote

Actually, the map art department is the largest department in the entire development group! We have a number of additional maps in various stages of production, but they take a considerable amount of time to create and polish. Creating a camo for a vehicle just happens to be something our talented vehicle texture artists handle as well.

Undokumentierte Artyänderungen: Balance!

Quote Originally Posted by Yagmah View Post
To be specific.
Abbot: 4 smoke shells (was 8)
Tier 4: 6 smoke shells (was 8)
Tier 6: Unchanged
Tier 8: 10 secondary shells (was 8)
HERA speed: 400 m/s (was 330 m/s)Quote
The damage change I can not fully comment on with exact values. The other thing to add to this, Insane mode was in the patch notes. It was then pulled from the patch notes with no mention. Do you really thing people are not going to notice that? It would have been completely fine if it were edited. For example, crossed out and then the explanation after.
I just spoke to our designer in charge of arty, these changes were done to re-balance the spread of support shells across the tiers. The logic was to give you more the more you progressed, looks like the note just slipped by. As for the Insane mode, we did comment on it, multiple times in fact, but the patch notes themselves did not include a note on the removal.

Wurde der T90 MS übernerft? Nein nur angepasst, um konsistent mit der T-Serie zu sein! Die LFP ist nun schwächer!

Quote Originally Posted by Hades888 View Post
So if oe messed up so badly with the release of t90ms, and completely changed its characteristic couple of days after people used their hard earned tokens, then give them back to players now, and let them choose while knowing that t90ms is trash now.Quote

The T series has always had a weak LFP. That is something that has been consistent across all T series MBTs. The tank still is quite good, you just have to hide your LFP which is not unreasonable to require.

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